“Private Tutoring Services allowed my daughters to both follow their passions with high level equestrian competition and to excel at their highest levels in their schoolwork.  Of particular value to our family was PTS's willingness to work hand in glove with their schools at home and their continued help with skill development throughout their college and graduate level coursework.” 

Jim McNerney, Former Chairman and CEO of The Boeing Company


“PBIA has been instrumental to riders and their families in allowing everyone to experience a great education while pursuing our sport. My daughter, Alex, knows she can succeed in whatever she wants. It is unbelievable what she has already accomplished because of the support she receives from PBIA.” 

Candace King, Grand Prix Rider


“For years, I’ve been a trainer to students whom I’ve sent to Palm Beach International Academy, and now as the step-dad to Taylor Griffiths, I have witnessed firsthand what a great experience and opportunity it is for students to work with them.”

Frank Madden, Old Salem Farm


“All that I can say about Palm Beach International Academy is how lucky I was to be a student of theirs. Ever since I was a child I knew I wanted to make it to the Olympic Games and that took intense dedication and most of my time. PBIA allowed me to give the same dedication to my academic career as I did to my Showjumping career. I can't thank PBIA enough and its incredible staff of teachers who helped me maintain a high standard of education while pursuing my athletic dreams."

Reed Kessler, Former Student and Olympian


“I would not be where I am today without the help of PBIA. I traveled the world year around for the sport I am so passionate about without sacrificing my education. I was one of the leading junior riders in the country while being accepted to my top choice universities. PBIA made it all possible. Thank you!”

Catherine Pasmore, Professional Equestrian


"Both of of our daughters are thriving both academically and in their chosen art form (ballet and visual arts) thanks to PBIA."

Stephen and Elizabeth Conway, Parents


"I am delighted to see how Claire's enthusiasm and interest in school has been reignited.  She loves everything about PBIA - the environment and people - as well as her classes."

Diane McNulty, Parent