Marta Vajda

Humanities, ELL, French

Born in Hungary and raised in Canada, Márta is a world-traveler and learner. She earned her B.A. in International Relations and Business at Florida International University and her M.A. in Multicultural Education at Florida Atlantic University. She holds an International Teaching Certificate for TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and will pursue her Ph.D in the coming year. As a Multicultural Educator, she supports and extends concepts of culture, diversity and social justice in every subject she tutors. These subjects include Social Studies, English, ESL, Language Arts, World Cultures, History and French. Her educational philosophy is that education is a means to know, plan and act; thus, she engages her students in meaningful learning environments that guide them to think critically and act accordingly to achieve their goals. She speaks fluent Hungarian, English, French and some Spanish.