As the world turned to online learning in 2020, our model of educating students has been pushed to the forefront. There is quite a difference between presenting school online as most people had to and using online and distance learning programs and instruction as PBIA students always have done.

Many people now see the value in our model of year-round, self-paced, individualized academics. From making programs available both online and in-person, to rearranging and disinfecting centers, we continue to look for and to create best practices ensuring the success and well-being of everyone.


Our first and foremost goal is to keep our students, faculty and staff safe and healthy. This means we can use our centers, but we must be careful.

  • Our centers have been set-up to honor social distancing.
  • All centers have specified exit and entrance doors.
  • Elementary group classrooms have their own entrance and exit doors.
  • All people entering a center must have their temperature taken.
  • All people must wear masks in enclosed public areas.
  • Centers will be maintained to the highest level of cleanliness.


We will continue to limit our enrollment at our centers to ensure everyone’s health and well-being are managed.

  • Students will be assigned specific areas/rooms/times to work.
  • Students must bring their own computers, tablets or laptops.
  • All group classrooms have a large screen for students who choose to video conference into the class from home or another location.
  • Centers will be open Monday-Thursday. Classes scheduled for Fridays will be held live via video conferencing.
  • All classes still will be available via live Zoom, Google Classroom and other real-time video conferencing methods.

The PBIA team continues to keep our community strong and united. Our students will remember this moment throughout their lives for when they learned and honed skills like navigating through difficult circumstances, learning self-determination and who to turn to, knowing their feedback and opinions are important, and spending quality time with family. We are honored to be a part of their experience.



“Sending our daughter to PBIA full time was the best decision we have made for her. Our daughter started as a part-time student, working with the school during WEF, and then decided to enroll on a full-time basis. The program has exceeded our expectations. She follows a traditional high school curriculum but can work at her own pace and select classes that interest her. She has bonded with her teachers, and they have really identified her learning style. Her grades, organization, and study skills have improved immensely, and so has her confidence. As our daughter moves forward in her high school career, she will begin ACT/SAT test prep and will start working with a college counselor this fall. We wish we had enrolled her in PBIA sooner.”

Jeanne Dehoff, Parent