Our students do it all!

Student athletes are able to put their attention and focus on both their academic and athletic pursuits while developing the competitive edge necessary to do their best. Whether enrolled in our year-round, accredited, NCAA approved, college preparatory programs, seasonal programs in conjunction with their own schools, or traditional tutorials in specific subjects, student athletes study one-on-one or in small groups with live educators while training and competing anywhere in the world. Gap year and university programs are also available.

  • Our full-time students receive an internationally accredited and NCAA approved diploma accepted by all universities.
  • We work in partnership with seasonal students’ schools in preparing, teaching and overseeing each person’s program, no matter how long a time with us.
  • Schedules are determined by training, competition, performing and travel plans, and students use live  video conferencing while on the road or away from our centers.
  • When in Florida, students use one of our brick-and-mortar centers to be with old and new friends.
  • Students work in small groups or one-on-one with educators who are passionate about their topics and understanding of their students’ needs.
  • We offer gap year programs for those students who want to defer their university enrollment to continue working in their fields.


Student athletes  and their families have always helped shape the course of PBIA, because they needed school to be a part of their training, traveling and competition schedules. We created and designed a way of going to school that demanded academic excellence, and also gave students the flexibility and freedom to follow their sport. Together, we raised the bar in education while creating a model for everyone to use.

  • Students receive an exemplary education while enjoying inviting social environments with great friends and meaningful activities.
  • Tennis players, equestrians, golfers, hockey players, racecar drivers, surfers, artists, dancers and others utilize the flexibility of our programs.


We are all so very proud of the contribution we have made over the years to Junior Riders in the USA and all equestrian families around the world, allowing students to maintain their academic excellence while pursuing their sport. Our systems, procedures and programs have become the norm for many students, ensuring that they do not have to choose between riding and school.

  • PBIA is the premier academic provider for all equestrian athletes and their families at show jumping competitions, dressage events and polo matches throughout the USA and other parts of the world.
  • Our Wellington Center is a golf cart ride away from the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) and across the street from the Adaquan Global Dressage Festival (AGDF).
  • Students use our on-site location on the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC) show grounds and study with us at the many shows we sponsor and support.
  • Many equestrians enroll in our full-time college preparatory program enabling them the time and flexibility to train and show.
  • Seasonal students who spend the winter in Florida work alongside full-time students from around the world creating lifelong connections and friendships.
  • After their absence from school, seasonal students return home feeling confident and ahead in their studies.
  • With field trips, clubs, community service and more, equestrians are able to stay in school wherever they play or ride!



“The rigorous program of an athlete can be difficult to adapt to a traditional school program, however, PBIA provided the perfect balance so that my education and my sport’s career could have equal priority.”

Juan Matute. Former Student