Today’s student must be a creative problem solver who understands how to communicate and collaborate across many disciplines. Our programs and centers promote skills for a lifetime of success. PBIA is in the forefront of using the latest findings in mind-brain science for teaching, incorporating technology as a tool for learning, and helping to turn students into responsible global citizens.

We look at the unique learning styles, distinct goals, and particular interests of the individual student in developing and instituting each person’s best academic plan. Our team of educators focuses on the whole student in developing student-centric educational plans, allowing us to choose the best courses and teachers for each person.

Colorful and comfortable classrooms, private and quiet study spaces, and lively and interactive social areas, all filled with art and activities and fostering inquiry and innovative learning, are used throughout the day and all year long. Our centers allow for an experience in wonderful environments that stimulate and support academic curiosity, intellectual discussion, and general well-being, allowing students a rich experience of understanding themselves and others.

The Internet is an essential resource, but not a substitute for interaction with others, which is why we encourage real-time communication with real people. We offer seminars, clubs, outings, trips and other extracurricular events. Courses and activities are fun, interactive and cross-disciplinary, giving students a balanced, invigorating and vibrant education.

Students learn in multiple ways depending on subjects and times, so we create a variety of places to study and multiple programs and classes to learn. Comprehension, analysis, application, inferential and creative thinking skills are incorporated throughout all programs. Every student processes information differently, and we help each person understand how to reach his or her potential.



“PBIA has been instrumental to riders and their families in allowing everyone to experience a great education while pursuing our sport. My daughter, Alex, knows she can succeed in whatever she wants. It is unbelievable what she has already accomplished because of the support she receives from PBIA.” 

Candace King, Grand Prix Rider & Trainer