PBIA began as a traditional one-on-one tutorial service for supplemental instruction in many subjects and levels.  We believe it is possible to make the sometimes arduous task of learning an extremely enjoyable and positive experience. Drawing from a wonderful pool of exceptional educators, we take the time to learn about each student and then match the best tutor with the specific preferences of every person.

Our tutors have the privilege and responsibility to get to know their students, not only as people learning a particular subject, but also as individual humans beings with unique interests, abilities and circumstances. This allows students the comfort to explore their content in ways that work for them while building confidence and curiosity. Sometimes having a different perspective makes all the difference in the world.

Everyone learns differently. During tutorials, various teaching methods are utilized, targeting the multiple ways students comprehend, analyze and apply material allowing students to learn about themselves as intelligent and capable people. This also helps students to better understand their classwork and to ask questions that they may not feel comfortable expressing in a different setting. 

If a student is interested in delving deeper into a particular subject, they have the opportunity to do so in fun and engaging ways. If another student just wants to get through content or needs extra help in understanding a concept, they are also able to do so with no judgement from their tutor.  This allows students to gain the tools so important to learning anything.

Tutoring occurs while in-person at one of our centers or around the world using live online formats. As the restrictions of geography, time zones, and commuting have become lifted, more and more people are taking advantage of the live tutorial experience online. Some of tools and techniques our online tutors use are

  • Writing on virtual whiteboards
  • Sharing their screens
  • Recording sessions for later viewing
  • Uploading files for editing and review

We work on weekdays and weekends and are available for just a few as-needed sessions or on a regularly scheduled basis. We also coordinate with guidance counselors, advisors, trainers, coaches, therapists and other professionals to allow students to stay current with their assignments while in whatever circumstances they find themselves.

Subject Tutoring

From K-12 classes and topics to university courses and programs, whatever subject a student needs help with, we have tutors who are on stand-by and waiting to jump in on a moment’s notice.

Study Skills

Students who need guidance with planning, organizing, executing and completing projects and assignments, as well as testing and writing strategies, receive these important and necessary skills and techniques.

Test Prep/College Counseling

In what can be an overwhelming experience, the college application process is managed and enhanced by our standardized test specialists and certified college counselors.

Transcript Boosting

Taking exciting electives that intrigue students’ interests, or retaking classes for grade replacement, adds to the depth of their education and helps to present a complete and varied transcript.



“For years, I’ve been a trainer to students for whom I’ve sent to Palm Beach International Academy, and now as the step-dad to Taylor Griffiths, I have witnessed firsthand what a great experience and opportunity it is for students to work with them.”

Frank Madden, Trainer & Parent