At our roots are traditional tutoring services for supplemental instruction. We believe it is possible to make the sometimes arduous task of learning an extremely enjoyable and positive experience.

By developing a student’s comprehension, analysis, application, and inferential thinking skills, we are able to enhance a person’s ability to use his or her intelligence and abilities to the fullest.

We work from our centers, online, or at students’ homes after school, on weekdays and weekends. We also coordinate with guidance counselors, advisors, trainers, coaches, therapists and other professionals to allow students to stay current with their assignments, to remediate when they need to, or to accelerate when they can.

Subject Tutoring

All Subjects, K-12
University Courses
ELL (English Language Learners)

Study Skills

Organizational Skills
Writing and Test-Taking Strategies

Test Prep/Counseling

All Standardized Tests (SSAT, SAT/ACT, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT)
Full-Service College Counseling

Transcript Boosting

Credit Recovery
Classes Added

Traveling with Tutors

Arranging Private Tutors



“For years, I’ve been a trainer to students for whom I’ve sent to Palm Beach International Academy, and now as the step-dad to Taylor Griffiths, I have witnessed firsthand what a great experience and opportunity it is for students to work with them.”

Frank Madden, Trainer & Parent