We create programs to complete basic, required, entry-level college courses in the arts, humanities, sciences and mathematics.

Most classes transfer into university programs, giving students credit even before enrolling in their deferred school.

For those students seeking to further their athletic careers or simply wanting to take additional time before entering college, PBIA offers Gap Year programs and classes to keep students academically engaged while not in a traditional school setting.

 Students can spend their post-graduate year preparing for college entrance exams and applying to the schools of their choice.

Accredited university classes are available in a variety of fascinating and stimulating subjects.

Students study while on the road, at their homes, or at any of our centers with university professors.

Equestrians and other athletes are able to complete their junior years of competition while also continuing their academic careers.  

We help structure and manage this time to ensure that the Gap Year is enriching and fulfilling.



“Of particular value to our family was PBIA’s willingness to work hand in glove with our children’s schools at home and their continued help with skill development throughout their college and graduate level coursework."

Jim McNerney- Parent, and Former Chairman and CEO of The Boeing Company