PBIA offers a full-time college preparatory curriculum for K-12 students whose lifestyles, passions, and pursuits require flexible, individualized academic instruction.
Traditional Tutoring
At our roots, we are a traditional tutorial service for all subjects and levels, helping students develop thinking and learning skills to reach their potential.
We are the premier educational provider for equestrians and other athletes whose training, competing and traveling schedules need not get in the way of their academic excellence.
Test Prep/College Counseling
We offer test prep for the SSAT, A.P. Exams, SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT, GMAT and more, while our college counselors assist students through every step of the college application process.
Mission & Vision
We provide educational programs that foster curiosity, instill knowledge and promote cultural awareness in positive, innovative and caring environments.
Founded in 1989 as Private Tutoring Services, PBIA has been developing educational programs focusing on the individual learning styles, needs and lifestyles of students of all ages.
PBIA is in the forefront of using the latest findings in mind-brain science for teaching, incorporating technology as a tool for learning, and helping to turn students into responsible global citizens.
As you enter one of our centers, you will feel a sense of creative comfort in an innovative learning environment that stimulates and supports intellectual curiosity, emotional safety, and overall happiness.


Jason Sholl
“Education should be a nurturing experience, filled with patience, compassion and clarity.”
Winn Lewis
“My tutoring philosophy focuses on discovering how each student learns in order to help them find tools to unlock their own success.”
Sergio Andre
“Education is nurturing. Any educational endeavor should be permeated by Lao Tzu’s three treasures; simplicity, patience and compassion.”
Scotch Peloso
“A good education is one of the most important and valuable gifts we can pass on to the next generation.”

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