Since 1989, our students have been teaching us how they needed to learn, what they were interested in studying, where they wanted to work, and who their best teachers were. The result has been PBIA, Palm Beach International Academy.

From athletes, artists and activists, to performers, philanthropists and philosophers, our students and educators represent the best hope for our future. We are fortunate to have a diverse group of tutors and students who hail from all around the globe and share the common goal of becoming their best selves while making the world a better place for all people.

Life has certainly changed since our inception, but we have remained constant in our commitment to providing academic and emotional support to all of our students. We have always utilized distant learning and online programs, allowing our students to maintain their academic excellence while adjusting to their individual circumstances. The results have remained incredibly positive and productive for everyone.  

All of us at PBIA are honored to be a part of the evolution in education that is shaping today’s world. Join us in celebrating what is sure to be a phenomenal future for us all.

Founding and Executive Director