Whether working online or entering one of our Centers, students are supported in innovative learning environments that nurture intellectual curiosity, reinforce emotional safety, and create overall happiness.

We look at the unique learning styles, distinct goals, and particular interests of every individual student in developing and instituting each person’s best academic plan. The culture that emerges from this context is intellectual and focused in purpose, at the same time, it is enjoyable and delightful in character. Our students are intentional in their desire to learn and to do their best knowing that we are their advocates.

Upon admission, PBIA students agree to

  • Come to tutorials/class prepared and ready to learn
  • Check-in and out when at a center
  • Tell the truth
  • Not to steal
  • Not to gossip
  • Show respect to everyone

We insist on real-time communication with live people in and out of school. We encourage a sense of community that reaches beyond our buildings and tutorials, where lifelong friendships and connections are made. And of course, we allow people to bring their dogs to school!

Every year students participate in a moving graduation ceremony, where each person has an opportunity to address their family, friends and tutors. Tutors, in turn, reflect on their experiences with their students. It is a wonderful way to mark the completion of high school and transition into the next phase of life, whatever that may be.

Courses and activities are entertaining, interactive and cross-disciplinary, giving students a balanced, invigorating and vibrant education. Within our concept of learning for mastery, students discover themselves as capable and intelligent human beings.

Our centers allow for an experience in wonderful spaces that stimulate and support academic curiosity, intellectual discussion, and general well-being. This allows students a deep understanding of themselves and others.

We offer a variety of extracurricular academic and social experiences online and in-person. Such activities as seminars, field trips, our literary magazine, and community service projects give students a complete and fulfilling experience.



“I’ve always dreamed of going to a school where I could take off my shoes.”

Francisco Convit, Former Student