As you enter one of our centers, you will feel a sense of creative comfort in an innovative learning environment that stimulates and supports intellectual curiosity, emotional safety, and overall happiness.

PBIA’s unique learning spaces help to create nurturing areas for children, teenagers and adults to express themselves in healthy and fulfilling ways. From art and yoga, to libraries and labs, students are able to explore their interests on their own or with others while learning in traditional and modern ways.

Our international student body of all levels and ages casually interact with each other and their tutors in our common and open spaces, group and individual classrooms, in the kitchen or outside, or even around a ping-pong or pool table. We encourage a sense of community that reaches beyond our buildings, where lifelong friendships and connections are made.

Throughout the day, students participate in their own projects and sessions or are able to watch and listen while others do so. Lively discussions and debates are on-going, as we all learn and grow from each other. Within our concept of learning for mastery, students discover themselves as capable and intelligent human beings.

We offer a variety of extracurricular academic and social experiences for students to engage with themselves, other students, their families, our communities and the world. ‘Physics Fridays,’ ‘Tuesday Lunch and Learn,’ field trips, our literary magazine, community service projects and other opportunities give students a complete and fulfilling experience.  

And of course, we allow people to bring their dogs to school!



“I’ve always dreamed of going to a school where I could take off my shoes.”

Francisco Convit, student.