• Customized teaching
  • Interactive, experiential pedagogy
  • Gifted, Honors, A.P. and Dual Credit classes
  • Varied courses through accredited institutions
  • Self-paced lessons
  • Flexible scheduling
  • In-person and distance learning

One-on-One or small group instruction

PBIA offers a full-time, flexible curriculum for K-12 students seeking individualized and academic instruction. We are a year-round, college preparatory program with an international student body using accredited courses from a wide variety of exemplary academic institutions.

Whether athletic commitments, artistic pursuits, or personal needs require students to dedicate their time outside of a traditional school setting, we are able to develop course loads and curricula that fulfill their academic endeavors.

We offer small groups and personalized academic plans through the elementary years, and throughout their middle school and high school levels, students have the option of staying in small groups or switching to one-on-one tutorials.

Schedules are designed around people’s activities and lifestyles, yet are organized and structured. Students may study at one of our South Florida Centers, or at our remote locations, as well as via real-time video conferencing while traveling, living abroad or at home.

Classes are fun, challenging, interactive, and cross-disciplinary, incorporating mind-brain science, and project-based learning, while teaching vital study skills and executive functions. Reading and study specialists, as well as SAT/ACT classes and college counselors are also available, as we are able to accommodate most learning differences.

Students work with educators who are passionate about their topics and understanding of their students’ needs. Honors, A.P. and dual credit classes are offered, while many courses are self-paced. Our full-time students receive an internationally accredited high school diploma and transcript, which is NCAA approved and accepted by all universities.

Elementary Program

PBIA offers a full-time and seasonal elementary program for students in grades K-5. We work with seasonal students and their schools so that students stay current with their programs, while being in a social and active environment.  We also provide a year-round project-based elementary program for full-time students.

  • Small class size with a student/teacher ratio of no more than 6 to 1.
  • Teachers work one-on-one with each student while in a group class.
  • Extracurricular academics are available.
  • French, Mandarin, Latin, Italian, German
  • Painting, Drawing, Creative Writing
  • Computer Coding, Science Lab, Brain Games
  • Guitar, Piano, Music & Motion

    Reading and Learning Specialists are available.



“Both of our daughters are thriving both academically and in their chosen art form (ballet and visual arts) thanks to PBIA.”

Stephen and Elizabeth Conway, Parents