The university experience has changed. No longer do today’s students need to be on a campus or maintain a traditional schedule to gain the knowledge, skills or character they need or want. University@PBIA was established in response to the rapid evolution occurring in higher education.

University@PBIA has been a pioneer in re-imagining the college experience since 2015—long before there was a global pandemic and “distance learning” became a household phrase. This program was designed with the intention to provide a remote college education that is relevant, rigorous, engaging, and as flexible as our students need.

We understand the needs of students pursuing extraordinary lives under exceptional circumstances in today’s world, and it shows in our refined approach to online learning. This is the next generation of higher education. The choices are incredible!

At University@PBIA:

  • Every online course class is led by a live instructor.
  • Every online class is one-on-one.
  • Carefully chosen digital tools remove barriers to online communication and learning.
  • Class time is tailored to students’ individual interests and goals.
  • Students design their own schedules.
  • Personalized accommodations allow students to focus on learning rather than grades.

All credits transfer to a student’s currently enrolled program or are applied to a full or part-time undergraduate or graduate degree. Students may also complete a certificate program in a variety of subjects. Top universities including UCLA, Berklee College of Music, and Penn State are among the programs our students use.



“What I love most about University@PBIA is the freedom to choose my courses, professors, and schedule. Everything about my college experience is personalized, and I can still enjoy Dressage riding while getting my education.”

Natalia Bacariza, Student