Founded in 1989 as Private Tutoring Services, Palm Beach International Academy has been developing educational programs focusing on the individual learning styles, needs and lifestyles of students of all ages.

Students quickly began to flock to Joanne Weiner’s art studio in Boca Raton, where they were able to learn and study with the handpicked group of educators working and traveling the world together.

Many of our traditional tutorial students soon requested a full-time college preparatory program, so we forged partnerships with rigorous online accredited programs, and in 2001, our first graduation occurred.

Tennis players, equestrians, hockey players, race car drivers, skaters, artists, dancers, musicians, and a vast variety of intelligent and creative students began seeking out PBIA’s team, and we moved to PBIA, Boca Raton in 2007.

In the early 1990’s the equestrian community embraced our concept of education, and we developed teaching systems that allowed students to spend their winters in Wellington and to travel to horse shows around the world, with no compromise to their studies.

PBIA, Wellington, opened in 2013 and three expansions later, we are now a thriving educational hub, offering small group classrooms, one-on-one learning areas and social spaces for students, K-12.

Introducing University@PBIA in 2014 has given college students an opportunity to continue their traditional studies in thoroughly modern ways, without foregoing an excellent education.

When our newest center, PBIA, West Palm Beach, opened in 2017, we took steps forward to our goal of creating the “21st Century Classroom” with innovative, project-based learning initiatives.

While Joanne Weiner may be credited with founding PBIA, our students and educators are the true inspiration and reasons for our success, so as our history continues to unfold, everyone will benefit from the vision, evolution, and perseverance of PBIA.