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Amidst this new era of education I find hope, strength and courage.  I see these very necessary emotions each day in the dedicated faces of my elementary students at Palm Beach International Academy.  They remain eager to learn and devoted to excelling within their academics.
During this transition phase to online learning my students have engaged in a variety of virtual learning activities across all 5 core subjects: videos, quizzes, reading, Q&A, worksheets, field trips, games, hands-on crafts, experiments, dances, exercises and so much more!  We have utilized a plethora of online resources such as: Scholastic,, BrainPop Jr. and many other reputable education websites.  Students are able to acquire and retain new knowledge in an adaptable fashion through this online experience at their own learning pace.
I am truly so proud of my group collectively and individually for their willingness, flexibility and determination to grow and succeed as a generation.  I am grateful to work with such a collaborative, creative and expert-skilled staff throughout this shared journey.  Each day is a new adventure filled with teachable moments, laughter and fun!