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We are currently in Week 4 of WEF and we are watching our students continue to thrive in all their academics while competing with their horses. Being able to balance academics and athletics is what we make possible for all of our students during this wonderful and exciting time of the year. We welcomed many new students from all over the world who come to study with us during these 3 months. It’s an amazing thing that they can take all this time away from their home school and still be ahead in their academics once they return. Our students are also studying with their tutors on the show grounds in between their showings.

This gives our students the freedom to set any schedule they need. The majority of their sessions are scheduled Monday-Thurday, when they are not competing. It’s also very helpful to some who are busier during the week to have their tutorials over the weekends or over a Skype session. We make this all possible by having a designated contact person at each of our students school to coordinate lesson plans, assignments, and testing. Reports are then sent home each week summarizing the student’s progress. We are thrilled to say that most of our students return to school ahead of their peers! Maintaining a high standard of education while pursuing their athletic dreams is what PBIA is all about!