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Are you thinking of taking a gap year? Why not! Today there are more opportunities than ever to do something unique and inspiring before heading off to college. From artistic and athletic programs, to pre-career internships, to service learning opportunities abroad, the options are nearly endless.

Whatever your gap year plans, University@PBIA encourages you to include some academic coursework as part of the mix. You’ve got your dreams, and we’ve got a way for you to start toward your degree and earn course credit while doing so.

University@PBIA allows you to select from hundreds of classes, offered by dozens of universities, and take them on your own schedule, at your own pace, and best of all, anywhere in the world. One of the many benefits of living in today’s high-tech culture is that you can do just about anything remotely, including getting a high quality education via Skype.

Does your love of animals have you thinking about doing a veterinary internship in South Africa? Deepen your experience by taking a microbiology course and complete one of your pre-vet requirements before you step foot on any campus.

Got your heart set on pursuing your songwriting career in Los Angeles? Level up by taking some courses in composing, arranging, and production and earn a certificate before your first semester begins.

Dreaming of doing some traveling and taking it easy for a year? Start out your college courses one step at a time. Minimize your first semester workload by getting a requirement or two out of the way now. Learn a skill that has always fascinated you such as filmmaking, 3D printing, or computer game design. You no longer have to put off following your passion in order to obtain a college degree. University@PBIA offers a new and exciting way to do both.

Our program combines the flexibility of online coursework with the intimacy of regular face-to-face tutorials over Skype. In most cases, your course credits will transfer to whatever college you ultimately choose to attend. You may even be able to earn a resume-ready certificate before your formal “college career” even begins. 

In addition, if you’re thinking about applying to colleges again next year, there’s no better way to strengthen your application than to demonstrate ongoing intellectual curiosity and the ability to succeed at challenging college-level coursework. You’ll be sure to start your collegiate journey one step ahead of the academic game!